Maybe following the crowd isn’t my thing…

When everyone else was signing mortgages and having babies, my husband and I decided to quit our corporate jobs, sell our stuff, and move abroad to volunteer.

Crazy, or just crazy enough?

It turned out to be the best decision we ever made. As we volunteered and became part of the community in Central America, we were surrounded by an amazing, hardworking people where absolutely EVERYONE has a side hustle.

Homemade tamales? Sell you mangoes from my uncle’s tree? Sew you a skirt? NO PROBLEM.

It stoked the entrepreneurial fire in me and Details to Dama, a digital marketing company for creative entrepreneurs, was born.

If you love what you do, but are getting just a little bit tired of waiting for the next client to book, you’re going to want to pull up a chair

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re killing it in your creative business, but you’re ready to slow down a little from the bustle of client work and wish you could take your income into your own hands
  • You’re ready to share your experience, knowledge and expert guidance with others who are just starting out and change their lives and businesses
  • You are ready to step into your next chapter by creating a fulfilling digital offer that lets you feel your best as you mentor others 
  • You’re crazy driven, full of ambition, but a little light on the how-to to take your sparkling idea for a course or online program and turn it into that extra six figures you want to start bringing in

I help creative entrepreneurs

like photographers, designers and makers create an exciting and fulfilling six-figure online business

You bring the ambition, the expertise, and plenty of heart, and I’ll take all that awesomeness and show you how, with some killer marketing know-how, ingenuity and a little magical copy, we can turn it into a real money-maker.

I’ll Admit: I Was Wasted as a Corporate Accountant

Let’s just say “creative accounting” is not generally considered a good thing, even at the Silicon Valley digital media startups I worked at for years. 

Now I get to work with people like you, driven entrepreneurs who, like me, crave a good old fashioned brainstorming session. Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation are cherished and valuable, not discouraged.

So let’s chat about your biz ideas, play what-if, and see where that inspiration can take us. Let’s open our eyes to see opportunity and possibilities, not the endless parade of “yeah, buts’

I’ll meet you at the crossroads of ideas and ambition and help you push forward where so many get stuck with strategic implementation and expert execution.

Ok, so who am I really?

Nerding out marketer-styles over analytics KPIs, and conversions, digging in the garden, midday cuddles with my pup Tux, volunteering, and baking all things carby and fabulous

Doubling or tripling traffic to my client’s sites with Pinterest and taking a biz idea from just a sparkle in your eye to a profitable, enjoyable full on online business

ENTJ, which means I am an ideas and solutions machine that are tempered by practicality, I love to motivate and inspire (hello, I’ll be your hype-girl)  and am fueled by a serious love of taking action and gettin’ stuff done

Gilmore Girls reruns, Taco Bell, and Dr. Pepper

Making fancy layer cakes, growing dahlias and yummy veggies, brewing kombucha (weird, I know), and dreaming of a Paul Hollywood-Tom Colicchio showdown.

Bobby pins for days, espresso over ice, my Macbook Giancarlo, and my old school paper planner. 

But enough about me,

i would really rather hear about you...

Are you ready to take what you already know and love and turn it into a profitable, fulfilling online business with the potential to grow to six figures in a year?

Ready to step out of the Google search, blog post, overwhelm ring and walk confidently toward your new biz bestie (hello, me!) and finally create that course or program you’ve been dreaming of?

pinterest management

promoted pins

full funnel builds

virtual summits

Meet my Chief Morale Officer,

This little Pom lived abroad with us and is the best antidote to a rough day at the office I’ve ever met. Odds are pretty good you’ll meet him on a Zoom call with me because he’s a sucker for an audience.


just getting started with pinterest

get unstuck in a hurry

Download Pinterest Board Boss for free today!

What’s inside:

  • 360 done-for-you board ideas for your Pinterest account for 12 popular niches
  • Pinterest profile setup guidelines and best practices
  • My killer technique for brainstorming new boards and categories for your content

where to next?


Dama Jue is the owner of Details to Dama, a digital marketing strategy and Pinterest marketing company for creative entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area partnering with clients worldwide.

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