Dreaming of a brand that attracts your soulmate clients?

Let’s chat! From website design, sales page development and brand strategy, I got you!Please fill up the form below to get started, or email me at gigi@gicreatives.com to schedule a call. For optimum experience, I highly recommend to book at least one month a head of your ideal start date.

How we can work together



Our first step in working together is to fill up the form in the contact page and let’s see if we’re a good fit. I would love to get to know where you’re currently at to see how I can help you.



48 hours after our call I will send you a proposal. Once accepted, I’ll be sending a 25% non-refundable invoice + your contract to lock in your spot.



You’ll an option to access the client portal or communicate via email  to securely access the information and updates of our project. Inside will have one questionnaire that will help me gain an in-depth understanding of your brand’s mission, vision, purpose and ideal client.



Now let’s get to working! I’ll spend time working on your initial design to make sure that it matches your vision. You’ll be sent updates and review requests throughout each milestone so that you can feel supported.



Get ready to fall in love with your brand! Once your final design is completed and approved, I’ll be turning over your files so you can proudly and confidently attract your soulmate clients with ease.