About Us

Unforgettable designs for adventurous and ambitious brands.

Gicreatives designs websites for female coaches and creators that want their brands to stand out and attract their soulmate “I want to work with you ASAP!” clients.

If you’re searching for an easier way to attract premium clients who are ready to commit, and invest (with 0 objections)

you’re in the right place.

After years of working with brands like Dama Jue, Beck Feign and Mae Bornillo I can tell you right here, right now that design played a big role in their success.

I’m not saying this just because I worked on their brands. Numbers don’t lie. And actually, studies show that 97% of consumers say that a brand’s website directly impacts whether or not they convert.

But where do you even begin when you’re juggling #allthethings and wearing all the hats for your business?

Well that’s where I come in with my crochet and MacBook in hand, ready to build designs that do the selling for you. 😉

Have we met?

I’m Gigi

Your-matcha lovin web designer 
 & branding strategist

I’m the gal behind all the designs and strategy here at GI Creatives. I design brands through a strategy-focused perspective so that YOU can stand out and attract soulmate clients on repeat.

You must be wondering how I got into all this?

Long story short, I grew up in a family of creatives that *really* valued nurturing our artistic spark. So it wasn’t surprising at all that I chose to pursue industrial design as a major. After landing my dream job with a local wedding planner, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me.

I was more interested in sprucing up their website than designing yet another nuptial invitation 🥱 . There’s just something about having a well-designed website that’s both easy in the eyes and user experience focused.

So I trusted my gut and decided to pursue my passion and started freelancing part-time. And it was the BEST decision ever.

After almost 2 years, I thought it was about time I built my own brand, hence the birth of GI Creatives. And the rest is history.

Client result is a priority in my business which is why I’ve partnered with experts that elevate my design.

Carlo | Web Developer | Husband

Yes, you read that right. Not only is my partner in crime but he’s also my partner in coding. From WordPress to Kajabi, he can troubleshoot pretty much all the tech side of my clients' websites..

Colleen | Copywriter

Colleen is a copywriter and messaging expert who works with high-ticket online coaches. Her copy has generated $130k launches for her clients. Her unique approach to copywriting where she leverages a mix of data, marketing psychology, and personality to help businesses like yours, increase brand awareness, establish credibility and make sales.

Fun Facts About Yours Truly

I live in the Philippines which means it’s always 26.6o C. Which means that anything more than a tank top & shorts will mean sweaty levels.

You’ll probably find me sitting on my sofa, crocheting/crying over the newest anime & korean drama on Netflix.

Cliche as it sounds but I’ve always loved coloring books. There’s just something so exciting about trying to figure out which colors work together.