Hello Gel Media

Gel Galag


Logo, Full Brand Identity Design


Gel is a content repurposing manager. We did a full rebrand, from the main logo to the favicon. I just love how this brand turns into something timeless and resonates with slow living, and I’m so glad that @hellogelmedia is happy with how it turns out too.

Btw, Gel helps creatives repurpose their content so they can increase visibility & scale their business w/out the overwhelm.

So, if you need help with repurposing, you know who to contact. ❤️

TARGET MARKET: Coaches, Services Providers and Creatives. Anyone who has long-form content (blogs, podcast, video) that they want to repurpose so that they don’t need to create new content all the time.

GOAL: To create a brand that has a combination of elegant/minimalist and colorful/joy. 

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